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What's going on in female artists studio ? by Fatale Art X The Unicorn Factory

Posted by Camille Cazin on

The artists studios are fascinating for the double insight they provide us: on the one hand, a view of the creative process; on the other, a view of the creative life.

Would you like to know what is going in our artist studio, where the magic happens?

We do.

As we wanted to bring you with us in our studio visits, we decided to collaborate with a promising new webzine : The Unicorn Factory 


The Unicorn Factory is a contemporary art community that represents artists from all around the world. This is a space for artists and their studios. They highlight the messy process, the inspiration, and every element of uniqueness in the artist’s life.


All the artists represented by Fatale Art are all unicorns full of magic, full of awesome bits and pieces, and for the ISSUE #3 The Unicorn Factory is here to share our 15 artists secrets with youThe Unicorn Factory shares the behind-the-scenes, the trade ‘secrets’, and the quirkiness that comes with being an artist.

To know a bit more about each artist, please check here.

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