empowering women artists - Montreal based

About us

The Concept

FATALE ART wants to challenge our perception of women within the realm of art, both as a subject and as an artist. Women have been pushing the boundaries of all artistic practices throughout the ages, and yet only a handful are to be considered in the art canon. FATALE also aims to show that a woman as a entity, can no longer be framed, because she no longer exists. Woman is a fluid multi-faceted concept. Let our artists prove it to you.

From the Beginning

Having worked in art galleries for many years, we’ve been at awe countless times by a wide range of artistic expressions brought to us by women artist. Women from all walks of life have had the talent and brilliance to push boundaries, create innovative means and produce reputable art. And yet we acknowledge that WOMEN are still too often under-represented within the artworld.

Thus, was born our pride and joy FATALE.

FATALE serves as a platform soliciting the work by women artists. From paintings, to conceptual jewelry or from collages to photography we make means to treasure all creative processes that been meddled by women throughout our history.

FATALE is also committed in making art accessible to everyone. We believe that art is meant to be loved, bought and cherished by all.

Camille Cazin - Creative Director & Founder 

Born in France, Camille Cazin founded Fatale Art in 2018 in Montreal with a dream of making the art world more diverse, gender equal and accessible. For the past 8 years, Camille has been working with one foot in the art world and another in innovation and creativity, and is convinced of one thing: art can make the world a better place and female artists will contribute greatly to it.  


Dominique Robichaud - The Initiator  

Proud native of New Brunswick, Dominique and Camille met in 2017 and share an unconditional love of visual art. It was during a heated discussion about the lack of representation of women artists between these two that the Fatale Art project was born.


Alice Rys - Social Media Manager 

With Polish origins and the heart of a true Montrealer, Alice is the voice and ears of Fatale Art on social media. Camille and Alice met working the same gallery and they never left. She joined the club in 2019 and we will never thank her enough for challenging us and boosting our creativity to talk about our mission.


Isabel Sénéchal-Leblanc - Photograph 

Isabel is the kind of person who can do anything in life and she credits Fatale Art with one of her greatest talents: photography. Producing miracles with her sharp aesthetic eye to highlight works, events and people, Isabel knows how to capture the essence of what makes Fatale Art. 


Solenne Perrault - Admin

Solenne is the one who can make speak figures, Master of Excel, she helps us structure our finances to better manage our many projects. Without her, our dreams would stay dreams.