Well Now, I Don’t Mind


Oil on canvas

30 in. x 24 in.

Facial expression and body language are a silent form of communication that speaks volumes – one that addresses the reality of a situation beyond the cheerfully posed nature of family photographs. This could be a discreet twist of the mouth, indicating laughter or discontentment; or perhaps a stiff posture with tense shoulders as a sign of stress. I aim to bring notice to these subtleties in order to portray an honest, and hopefully relatable, look at the complexities of everyday life

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Emily Spooner is a Montreal based artist focused primarily on figurative painting, with an interest in portraiture and human emotion. Born in 1996, she graduated from Dawson College’s Visual Arts program in 2016 and is currently studying Painting and Drawing at Concordia University.

Well Now, I Don’t Mind
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