Anne Cecile SURGA

Sans titre III

Marble of carrara

10 in. X 4.7 in. X 7 in.


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I am searching the spectrum of the personal and the emotional, and how our contemporary consumerist society affects the way we live, feel and develop the notion of the selves.

I am interested in how human continue to be true to their core in this environment despite the daily violence it obliges us to face and to commit to other. My works can be understood as elaborations of emotional reactions to societal issues. I often use myths as my primary support: I question and I twist them in order to extract the intrinsic meaning they are caring within themselves into the contemporary society. I try to express the myths in innovative ways in order to open up a new discussion about a topic.

As a woman, my work is reflective of the distinctive challenges that I face in my private life, and I believe it shines a light and a commentary on societal issues that are inherent of our time. I decided to pursue my inquiry into identity through the specific lens of Trauma, whether it being physical, emotional or psychological. I am exploring how it affects one or more persons, and which strategies of survival can be found.

Sans titre III
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