Merveille No. 1


Chinese ink, acrylic, white pen and sparkle on paper

9.5 in. x 12.5 in.

My work depicts dreamlike landscapes, both disturbing as well as attractive environments, sad or strange narratives, and vulnerable characters. My creations are to mirror our individual dreams, nightmares, wickedness, beauty, simplicity and misunderstanding.

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Born in Lithuania, I started my artistic career at the Panevėžys Art School. Passionate about art in its various form, I have always been eager to develop new ideas and discover new possibilities. Subsequently, I enrolled at the National School of Art and Design in Dijon in France. Now in my third year, I keep exploring different artistic fields.

I can not confine my work into a single medium. Drawing, photography, collage, sewing, and sometimes video have been means to transcribe my peculiar “world”.

Merveille No. 1

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