Emily Spooner


In the most basic sense, I create paintings that explore the subtle emotions found in everyday life. I strive to depict the nuanced complexity of fleeting moments, those typically considered unexceptional or commonplace. Through the use of old family photographs as reference, my paintings are a means of understanding the underlying emotions of the posed characters, and the intricacies of the interpersonal relationships presented. By seeking out new compositions within larger pre-determined ones (i.e. group photographs), I put a spotlight on the odd dynamics that often go unnoticed within a crowd. Facial expression and body language are a silent form of communication that speaks volumes – one that addresses the reality of a situation beyond the cheerfully posed nature of family photographs. This could be a discreet twist of the mouth, indicating laughter or discontentment; or perhaps a stiff posture with tense shoulders as a sign of stress. I aim to bring notice to these subtleties in order to portray an honest, and hopefully relatable, look at the complexities of everyday life.
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