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Do not miss la biennale internationale du Lin de Portneuf 2021

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Do you know La biennale du Lin de Portneuf?

If not, run for it! 2h30 from Montreal, 1 hour from Quebec, this Biennale has always charmed me.


Exhibited in the old presbytery, the church and the mill, the biennial offers every two years a selection of artists from here and elsewhere with deep and poetic artistic approaches. The works are enhanced by heritage exhibition sites with centuries-old charm.
The goal here is to shed light on contemporary linen-related practices, both from a technical and conceptual point of view.


Once your artistic pilgrimage is over, you will have the opportunity to walk by the river, to shop in the antique shops that abound in the region or to taste the artisanal products of the region ...


This year's Edition

If the theme of the main exhibition of BILP may seem premonitory today, the curators certainly could not have foreseen that a pandemic was going to upset the global health situation when they chose it, several months before the appearance. virus. That said, the event organizers had to adapt to a lot of turnaround as well.


Sudden change can give rise to intractable problems or dream situations. Sudden or provoked, significant changes can be a driving force on a personal level, as well as on a social, political or ecological level. With regard to creation, they often provide access to unsuspected resources.

The artists chosen to participate in the Portneuf International Linen Biennial are invited to share their perceptions, apprehensions and experiences in the face of reversals.


Our favorites

First, in view of Fatale Art's mission, we are sensitive to the fact that women artists have a very good representation in this exhibition. They are in fact the majority ...


Then each of the 20 artists have us incite emotions, reflection, and wonder.

Here is a sample.

Montserrat Duran-Muntadas
La femme au mille cœurs
La solidarité en temps de Pandemie


In memory of his recently deceased grandmother, Montserrat Duran Muntadas offers a eulogy in which several women have participated by wrapping blown glass hearts in crocheted linen thread. In doing so, she tries to reinvent a community practice of supporting the bereaved.

To learn more, click here.


Barb Hunt
Un réseau de communication à la fois materiel et virtuel

For the artist, the networks that allow information and ideas to spread across the web are like the filaments of the mycelium that allow fungi to grow and proliferate. Barb Hunt inscribes quotes, which testify to her readings and reflections on the natural environment and the virtual world, on a large mycelium of flax and cotton. To do this,it uses Morse code signs which are illustrated here by buttons of different sizes.


Francesca Pensirini 
Oculus Lucidus
Un laryrinthe d’entrelacs qui lie matiere et Identité

Francesca, whom we have been representing at Fatale art since 2019, addresses a question that is expensive for her. For her, the drawn compositions and the intertwining of threads represented are so many labyrinths in which to get lost in order to then appeal to her sense of observation and her memory to find oneself. The ultimate goal of this poetic quest is to find or rediscover one's own identity.

Click here to find more details.



David Merritt
A cultivation of disuse
Migrations et adaptations


David Merritt stages a flax plant that would have been born from the dispersal of seeds in the wind. Although perfectly suited to its location, it is a safe bet that many of the seedlings that will emerge from its fertilization will take root elsewhere, even further.

We liked the reflection on migration and the fact that the artwork is seen on two floors.

For more information, click here


Where and when ?

Vieux presbytère : 117 rue st joseph
Moulin de la chevrotière : 109, rue de chavigny
Eglise Saitn Joseph, 115 rue Saint joseph
Presbytère Saint Charles des grondines : 490, chemin du Roy

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