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As curator, I have always chosen female artists whose artistique statement touches the depths of my soul, and naturally I develop a deep admiration for the artists with whom I work.

picture of Nadia

Nadia Nizamudin represents my idea of ​​a superhero. Behind an ever caring and cheerful face, she combines a full-time engineering position, the education of two adorable little girls, an active social life and a thriving artistic career.

But when the pandemic struck, the balance of this expertly orchestrated life shifted. A new balance had to be found between the cumulative roles.

From this period, out of the ordinary is born the series "The veracity of motherhood" which we present today at Fatale Art.

Definition of Veracity

feminine noun

1.Quality of a person who speaks the truth. (Ex: Describe, tell truthfully.) 2.Quality of what is truthfully reported. (Ex: The veracity of a testimony.)


Nadia Nizamudin's journal entry
Mai 1, 2020


"I find myself robed off all the roles I play so well - cyclist, runner, working mom, friend – and thrown to the world in which I have to play the roles I am not familiar with: chef, stay at home mom, cleaner, etc. I commit to these roles with the drive and ardour of someone newly appointed; I took to the domestic things I never thought I would or could do, having worked all throughout my marriage and motherhood. But the absence of time outs, the lack of privacy, on top of having to still perform at my day job sometimes drives me to an area where the dark wood is near. Some days I stay in the idling car, staring into the woods, contemplating to take a stroll inside. Some days my mind is clear, and I held back; the kids are asleep in the car. The absence of self is unnerving. Artist is the only role where I still find myself at home, in which the change still results in being constant. The wheels keep turning, even when the engine is off."




It started with just the act of recording my days: I needed to put in black and white the relentless and repeating chores and see if I can find myself still in it, whether there is a distinct sense of self I can find in the back-to-back patterns. At work, I have recently started to learn Data Science, and a part of it consists of Data Visualization. It dawned on me to merge these two together as a way for me to turn something that is drowning me into something that I would love and enjoy.

MOTHER DATA 4 , textile mixed media , 8,5 x 8,0 in 


I used whatever material I had at hand; limited by the materials already in my studio and home. The sheer, wispy white fabric used for this are the fabric used as a dusting cloth for the furniture; one I have been using daily. 

I made four quadrants to represent time: AM, Noon, PM, Night, and each color represents different activities: Domestic Chores, Work time, Studio Time, Motherhood. The embroidery represents my mind and emotions.

The end result is a series of colorful patterns that visualized my days during the quarantine. In Big Data there are four characteristics we look at and one of it is Veracity, which means Accuracy. I really feel that my series really visualize the accuracy of my story, of me and motherhood, during Covid.

To discover her new series, check Nadia Nizamudin profile on Fatale Art 








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