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My First art piece: a Vandal by MissMe

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I was in the street when I saw he work from MissMe for the first time. A Vandale with her T-shirt uncovering a breast that had been replaced by a unicorn head. I kind of stopped on it, and showed it to one of my friends, who just said: ”oh Yeah, that’s cool, there’s plenty of those in Saint Laurent St”.

 I did love this intense look, this position anchored in the ground. The sense of dark humor and the power emanating from this naked woman in the snowy streets of Montreal revealed an intelligence which touched me, even though I did not know the artist at that time.



I shot a photo of this piece of art and during the following days, I gave it a number of different meanings, al of them related to the place of the female body in our society.

I really fell in love with the work of MissMe, when I discovered it. Her work is so explicit. Those icons are strong. They are inspiring.

For me this Vandale was a representation of the modern strong woman; The representation of the woman who knows that her body is objectified, but who, despite this, takes back full ownership of it.

 I met other Vandales by MissMe in the streets. Some with sharks, some with middle fingers replacing a breast. I always smile when I see them… an army in the streets, slowly but surely impacting people’s mind in the city

MY body is MINE, and I do what I want with it. 


My naked body is mine and it’s not here knock you up, nor to sell something to you. 

 The question of the female body and the abuse of its representation is not new. However, I did enjoy the fact the Missme used the vector of Street Art to address this question and expose it to people in the streets, with no other explanation than an image, leaving it to interpretation. 

These Vandals, resonated strongly with me because at the time I discovered MissMe’s, I was suffering from sexual harassment at work.


This Vandal questioned me about what my body projected despite itself, despite myself. It opened me up opportunities to become stronger.


This is why I worked so hard to acquire one of MissMe artwork. This gave me the courage I was missing sometimes in my daily life. I saved for several months and finally could buy one of those Vandales.

It has been on the wall of my living room, in good place, for the last 5 years. She’s watching… she does leave anybody untouched. Some see immediately a feminist message in her, some others don’t. Kids do see those Mickey Mouse ears first, Adults don’t always share how they feel about it, but at least, it gives them matter to think!

What about you? why did you decide to buy your first piece of art? 

  Camille Cazin

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